The Ecobank at Gärdsmossen started
15th of september 1997 when ten oakloggs
was sunked to the aquatic milieu of a swampland.

The purpose is, through the help of microbs and
lack of oxygen, to make the valuable and naturally produced blackoak.

The nature stores and maximizes here in its
own way, it´s own material. This also makes
the plays, that is, into a ecobank in the
swampland Gärdsmossen.
The process of turning the oakloggs to blackoak
takes between 100–300 years. This timespan make blackoak an precious and valuable item. From an aesthetical and practical point of view, there is a maximation of value from ordinary oak to blackoak.

This artaction shows a possibility of a longlasting
and bearable ecological process and an economic alternative way of thinking on the basis of
the natures own possibilities.

The Ecobank of Gärdsmossen, is growing in a resturated swamp at Bergsjön (a subburb north of Gothenburg, Sweden). This, I think, is Gothenburgs most unvisible an anonymously public artpiece.